Real Teeth, Not Dentures: The Entire Implant Procedure

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Complete Edentulism.

Sadly, it sounds almost as miserable as it is. Edentulism is defined as the condition of being toothless due to the loss of all teeth. Imagine trying to function in everyday life tasks without the teeth so many take for granted. There’s no question that appearance affects our ability to find and maintain meaningful work. And what about other basics like eating and social interactions?

No one should have to suffer wholly missing teeth

If you’re one of the more than 30 million Americans suffering with Complete or Partial Edentulism, you know the answer to that question. At The Nashville Dental Institute, we believe that no one should have to suffer the handicap of wholly missing teeth. We also believe that dentures are an uncomfortable and insufficient solution to the problem of toothlessness.

Entire Implant Procedure superior to dentures

What’s the better solution? Dental Implants! Dentures and other removable dental prosthesis are far inferior to dental implants. The goal, for a healthy looking, feeling, and functioning smile, is to get back to real teeth that work like natural teeth. The entire implant procedure is a far superior way to provide total teeth restorations. A complete treatment includes a minimum of 5 implants, fixed abutments, and final zirconium/ porcelain tooth restorations (cemented bridges).

More affordable and accessible for everyone

Our expertly trained doctors perform the procedure with no need for a secondary, outside oral or cosmetic surgeon making their contribution to the bill for services. That’s one of the ways we make services like the entire implant procedure more affordable and accessible for everyone.

“One Doctor, One CLEAR price for Nashville Dental Implants. Always.”

Real Teeth, Not Dentures: The Entire Implant Procedure

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