Multiple Implants for Missing Teeth

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Here we have an example of a patient with a history of oral health issues that resulted in the loss of teeth. Due to the instability of the surrounding teeth, a typical bridge might actually end up causing more harm than good.

X-Ray of implants prior to crowns

X-Ray of implants prior to crowns

However, the patient was uncomfortable with the noticeable gap and experienced difficulty when eating as well as audible whistling while speaking. With these factors in mind, an implant procedure was suggested and the patient opted to have multiple implants done at one time.


X-Rays after crown placement on implants

One of the great advantages of keeping implant procedures “in house” is the ability to streamline the process and start right away, rather than to have to schedule an additional appointment. So, we moved the patient from an examination room to our treatment room, prepped for surgery and got right to work. The Simple Single Implant method allows us to set an implant in about 15 minutes. In this case, with the addition of a second implant, the procedure only took 22 minutes. Minimal removal of tissue not only makes the surgery brief, but also decreases the time needed for the gums to heal adequately before the next step of setting crowns.

Molds were made of the patient’s upper bite in the first visit. A follow up appointment was made to assess the healing and place the crowns. When the patient returned, it was obvious that the surrounding tissue was in good shape. X-Rays were taken to see how the bone accepted the implants. The images showed that the procedure had been successful and the patient expressed no signs of discomfort so, it was time to set the crowns.

Our lab did a terrific job (they always do) of matching the color to the patient’s surrounding teeth. We performed a “dry run” to check the fit and then went ahead with placing the first crown. With only some minor refinement, the first of the two crowns was set. Then we followed the same steps for the second crown.


Photo of crowns following placement

A few bites from the patient and some slight adjustments were all that were needed before cleaning up. The patient was pleased with the feel of the implants and said that it was amazing that they already felt like his own teeth. There was no discomfort in the patient’s bite and no more pain than that of a normal cleaning.  My assistant handed a mirror so the patient could get a better look. He was very happy with the loss of the gap and surprised with the natural look of the results.

All of this in just two visits. Two short visits at that.