Dental Implants Offer Revolutionary Solutions

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Advanced Technology

In recent years, advances in dental technology has revolutionized the way missing or broken teeth due to trauma, decay, congenital conditions or disease are treated. Dental Implant technology has jettisoned forth as the top solution for effective tooth replacement. Past treatments relied almost exclusively on the use of dental bridges and full or partial dentures. While these treatments are still in use today, they are nowhere near the popularity they once enjoyed. And with good reason.

Problems with Past Methods

These treatments addressed the cosmetic issues of missing teeth, but they caused some very large problems for the wearers. It was a common struggle to deal with food caught uncomfortably beneath dentures. Even worse was the likelihood that adhesives would fail, causing the replacement teeth to slip embarrassingly from position in the middle of a meal or even conversation. But the biggest problem of all? Dental bridges and dentures can not replace the stimulating friction teeth provided to keep the aveolar bone healthy and strong. Eventually, the bone deteriorates, making the wearing of dentures difficult.

Dental Implants Offer Revolutionary Solutions

Fortunately, Dental Implants offer effective solutions to all of those problems. Because they are permanently affixed, there is no risk of slippage to contend with. Furthermore, a dental implant, just like an actual tooth, is “implanted” securely within the tooth socket contained in the aveolar bone. In this way, the same healthy friction is generated to stimulate and reinforce the bone, eliminating the risk of its erosion.

Advantages of Dental Implants

From an aesthetic perspective, Dental Implants are far more attractive looking. Patients love the way they feel. The bite is much more natural, with many reporting that they feel just like their own teeth! That’s definitely a major advantage over dentures. Are you ready to learn more about how to save your smile with Dental Impants? Contact the Nashville Implant Institute today at (615) 489-8418  or click HERE to arrange your free consultation.


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