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Nashville Dental Implants

Today, according to best estimates, more than 70% of Americans are missing at least one tooth. In many cases, the missing tooth in question is not generally visible, but a rear molar. However, whether a tooth is visible or not should not be the deciding factor regarding replacement with Nashville dental implants.

Tooth loss causes bone loss

Visible or not, missing teeth matter. The biggest problem with tooth loss is not the impact on our appearance – although this is the primary focus for many individuals. The biggest problem is the serious problem of bone loss that accompanies tooth loss. You see, there is a bone that surrounds our teeth called the alveolar bone. This bone depends upon the kind of regular stimulation provided by the teeth inside to remain healthy. With the loss of a tooth and the stimulation it once provided, the alveolar bone gradually erodes.

Long term effects of tooth loss

Eventually, that appearance we all care so much about may suffer – even with the loss of a non-visible tooth. The contours of the face and lips can change, causing a person to appear much older than their natural age. The ability to speak and chew can be impacted. Over time, the bite may even collapse. The effect can be a devastating blow to the self-esteem.

Nashville Dental Implants prevent bone loss

But there is good news. Nashville Dental Implants by the Nashville Implant Institute are a wonderful way to save your smile! As the implant is put in place, it becomes fused to the living bone. Much in the same way the original tooth did, the implant provides the necessary stimulation to keep the alveolar bone healthy, preventing tooth loss from resulting in more serious bone loss. The end result is a healthy, natural looking smile you’ll love!

implant-pricing-homeAffordable Nashville Dental Implants

At the Nashville Implant Institute, we  will beautifully enhance your smile with our state-of-the-art techniques and the best implants Nashville. Our patients love that our simplified process results in minimal pain with the procedure, shorter procedure times, fewer visits, and a lower overall cost – especially considering the remarkable quality delivered! Your dental implant will look, feel, and function just like the real thing, and can easily last for 30 years or more. Even more impressive: our simplified implant procedure is often easier than getting fillings done! Faster, easier and more affordable. What could be better?


Are you ready to learn more about how to save your smile? Contact the Nashville Implant Institute today at (615) 489-8418  or click HERE to arrange your free consultation.

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